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3M May Settle Army Earplug Cases For Tens of Billions of Dollars | 4/6/2021

Insider whistleblower testimony confirms that the manufacturer of the Dual-Sided Army Earplug knew they would not work as advertised...READ MORE

3M Combat Army Earplug Trial To Begin In Two Weeks | 3/17/2021

Soldiers that have returned home from overseas duty allege their hearing protection device failed them and caused profound hearing injury...READ MORE

Whistleblower Lawsuit Alerted The Military To Army Earplug Malfunction | 2/20/2021

Legal findings in a 2018 Department of Justice whistleblower lawsuit against 3M could be the foundation of future hearing protection failure lawsuits...READ MORE

3 Cases Selected For Army Hearing Loss Trial | 1/29/2021

The jury trial against 3M for selling a defective hearing protection device to the US Army will start in March of this year...READ MORE

Military Veterans Tell the Stories of Their Hearing Loss Nightmare | 1/8/2021

3M Earplug design defects may have caused them to malfunction when soldiers needed them the most...READ MORE

Military Veteran Hearing Loss Trials to Start in Spring 2021 | 12/26/2020

Soldiers with tinnitus have been unable to assimilate back into society and seek compensation...READ MORE

Hundreds of Veterans Continue To Sign Up To Sue 3M For Defective Earplugs | 12/14/2020

The number of military veterans with hearing damage from the allegedly defective 3M Dual Sided Army Earplug could reach one million as more and more service members with hearing damage come forward...READ MORE

3M's Greed Contributed To Thousands of Military Deaths and Injuries | 12/6/2020

A soldier's story perfectly reflects that of thousands of soldiers with permanent hearing damage....READ MORE

Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Army Earplugs That Turned Out To Be Defective | 11/21/2020

The company charged the Army almost ten times the amount it cost to make the 3M Dual-Sided Combat Army Earplugs...READ MORE

Tinnitus Sufferers May Have Difficulties For The Remainder of Their Lives | 11/14/2020

Tinnitus represents a recurring disability that does physical and psychological damage...READ MORE

Aearo Inc. and 3M Took Shorcuts And Did Not Properly Redesign The Combat Army Earplugs | 11/3/2020

3M Accused of Knowingly Falsifying Data And Hiding Evidence...READ MORE

US Military Alleges 3M Fraudulently Represented The Army Earplug | 10/27/2020

Hearing damage is the leading cause of military disability payments and there are more veterans reporting hearing damage than any other injury ...READ MORE

Large Numbers of Soldiers Are Filing 3M Army Earplug Lawsuits Against 3M Inc. | 10/15/2020

Soldiers may be referred to an Army Earplug Attorney near them by their local base...READ MORE

Soldiers Thought Their Hearing Protection Was Adequate | 9/28/2020

Most soldiers never questioned whether or not the 3M Combat Earplugs would work and assumed what 3M told them was true...READ MORE

Army Veterans Are Preparing For Court Over Hearing Loss | 9/24/2020

Soldiers continue to come forward to join the litigation against the maker of their earplugs...READ MORE

Details Are Starting to Emerge About The 3M Army Earplug | 9/22/2020

An Aearo employee turned whistleblower knew that the redesigned Army Earplug would be too short to work...READ MORE

3M Faces an Uphill Challenge in Defense of The Army Earplug | 9/18/2020

Over 144,000 soldiers have filed suit claiming 3M knew that the earplugs would not work as advertised yet looked the other way...READ MORE

3M Faces an Uphill Challenge in Defense of The Army Earplug | 9/9/2020

Over 144,000 soldiers have filed suit claiming 3M knew that the earplugs would not work as advertised yet looked the other way...READ MORE

200,000 Military Veterans Suing 3M For Defective Hearing Protection | 8/31/2020

What started as a single lawsuit by a company whistleblower and the Department of Justice (DOJ) has mushroomed into one of the largest court cases in recent history...READ MORE

Thousands of Military Veterans Suing Over Hearing Loss | 8/26/2020

Documents show that the company knew that the earplugs would not fit and failed to warn the military...READ MORE

Federal Judge Rules 3M Is Responsible For The Army Earplug Design | 7/28/2020

The company had attempted to use a clause that exempts military contractors from product liability lawsuits...READ MORE

Army Testing Points To The Need For Improving Hearing Protection Equipment | 7/14/2020

US Taxpayers are footing the bill for billions of dollars in military disability income payments every year because the 3M Combat Army Earplug allegedly did not work...READ MORE

Trials By Plaintiffs Alleging Hearing Damage From 3M Army Earplugs To Begin in the Spring of 2021 | 7/10/2020

Thousands of soldiers claim that they have suffered life-altering hearing damage as a result of trusting their Army hearing protection device...READ MORE

Army Veterans With Tinnitus Are Unable To Live Normal Lives | 6/29/2020

Thousands of veterans with hearing loss are suing 3M for failing to warn them that their earplugs may not fit properly...READ MORE

Soldier's Lawsuits Bring Needed Attention To Developing Hearing Protection | 6/12/2020

More soldiers receive disability income payments from hearing loss than any other combat injury...READ MORE

US Army Will Use 3D Printing To Create Individual Custom Fitting Ear Protection Devices | 6/3/2020

3D printed customizable army earplugs may be coming soon...READ MORE

Unsealed Court Documents Show 3M Made Nearly 1000% Profit Selling Combat Earplugs | 5/26/2020

Court documents often expose what a company was unwilling to publicly admit and that they may have taken advantage of the US Military's urgent wartime needs...READ MORE

The US Army Is Training Soldiers to Protect Their Hearing | 5/7/2020

The US Army has been under pressure since the 3M Army Earplug allegedly failed, leaving thousands of soldiers permanently hearing impaired...READ MORE

Billions of Dollars Will Be Needed To Reimburse Taxpayers For Veterans Hearing Loss Disability Payments | 5/1/2020

More than 100,000 soldiers have banded together to sue 3M for the hearing loss allegedly caused by their faulty earplugs...READ MORE

The US Military Prioritized Soldier's Hearing Protection Needs In Iraq and Afghanistan | 4/17/2020

Military conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq were the first to feature hearing protection as standard issue equipment for every soldier...READ MORE

3M Thinks Army Earplug Lawsuits Against Them May Be Thrown Out of Court Before They Begin | 4/6/2020

The company claims that they complied with the design specifications that the military gave them...READ MORE

Hearing Protection May Have Been Overlooked By Some During Combat Operations | 3/30/2020

Some soldiers expected hearing loss to be part of being in the military...READ MORE

There Is Still Time To File An Army Earplug Hearing Loss Claim | 3/18/2020

Thousands of military veterans are seeking compensation for their unnecessary hearing damage caused by faulty earplugs...READ MORE

Naval Flight Deck Workers Also Experienced Hearing Damage Due To Defective 3M Earplugs | 3/11/2020

Working on the flight deck of a US Aircraft Carrier can be as dangerous as being engaged in combat when hearing loss is considered...READ MORE

Army Veterans With Hearing Damage Are Filing Lawsuits Against The Maker of Their Defective Earplugs | 3/5/2020

Thousands of veterans are expected to file suit against the maker of the failed 3M Dual-Sided Combat Army Earplug...READ MORE

Army Earplug Trials Against 3M Could Start Early Next Year | 2/18/2020

Over 100,000 soldiers have signed up seeking damages for their hearing damage...READ MORE

Improvised Explosive Devices Caused More Serious Army Injuries Than Any Other Enemy Weapon | 2/6/2020

For every US soldier killed by a blast from an IED, a thousand were seriously injured and ten times more than that may have experienced permanent, irreversible hearing damage...READ MORE

Aereo Inc, maker of 3M Earplugs May Have Known The Combat Safety Device Would Not Work | 2/3/2020

Military veterans who have used 3M Dual-Sided Combat Army Earplugs between the years 2003 and 2015 and who have suffered hearing loss, tinnitus, or any other type of hearing damage may want to speak with an Army hearing loss attorney to see if they qualify to file a claim for damages...READ MORE

3M Corporation Could Be Forced to Pay Veterans For Their Hearing Damage | 1/24/2020

Soldiers with hearing impairment are contacting and hiring army earplug lawyers to help them file claims against 3M, the maker of the defective Dual-Sided Combat Army Earplugs...READ MORE

There Are Resources Available To Help Military Veterans Cope With Their Hearing Loss | 1/7/2020

The Hearing Loss Association of America offers AA-like meetings where military veterans with hearing damage and others get together to share the ways they deal with everyday life...READ MORE

The False Claims Act Settlement Against 3M Proides Ammunition to Lawsuits Filed By Soldiers With Hearing Damage | 12/31/2019

Private citizens that know of company fraud against the US Government are monetarily rewarded and encouraged to come forward and report what they know to the Department of Justice...READ MORE

Faulty Combat Earplug Cost Taxpayers Billions | 12/24/2019

Thousands of military veterans from every state in the US have been filing lawsuits alleging that their standard-issue military earplugs malfunctioned and caused them hearing damage including tinnitus...READ MORE

Hearing Damage May Effect More Than 60 percent of Military | 12/20/2019

Hearing damage is being blamed on the faulty and defective 3M Dual-Sided Combat Army Earplug...READ MORE

Military Veterans Returning Home Tell Stories of Hearing Loss In Spite of Wearing Hearing Protection | 12/9/2019

The 3M Dual-Sided Combat Army Earplug turned out not to be the one-size-fits-all hearing protection device that the company promised the military causing hearing damage to thousands of US service members...READ MORE

Hearing Loss Effects Servicemen From All Branches of The Military | 11/20/2019

Hundreds of weapons can cause hearing damage as can certain military support occupations...READ MORE

Lawsuits Pile Up Alleging 3M Earplug Negligence | 11/14/2019

Thousands of soldiers may have experienced hearing damage as a result of the 3M Dual-Sided Combat Army Earplug malfunction...READ MORE

Service Members Claim 3M's Defective Combat Army Earplug Caused Permanent Hearing Damage | 11/11/2019

Another serviceman has come forward and filed a lawsuit against 3M Inc., the maker of the Combat Army Earplug...READ MORE

Soldiers Can Fight For Compensation In Court For Their Hearing Loss | 10/31/2019

The standard-issue 3M Combat Army Earplugs failed thousands of soldiers during combat...READ MORE

Whistleblowers Can Save Taxpayers Money and Military Servicemember Lives | 10/15/2019

Suppliers of defective combat protective devices defraud the US taxpayers of millions of dollars and put soldier's lives at risk...READ MORE

New Army Earplug Lawsuit Accuses 3M of Fraud | 10/11/2019

3M falsified test results that the military required of contractors that wanted to compete for the Army's business...READ MORE

Military Veterans Are Suing 3M For Making Faulty Earplugs | 10/7/2019

A Large Jury Award is Needed to Grab Headlines and Alert Hearing Impaired Military Veterans...READ MORE

Military Personel Suffering From Tinnitus Have Found Ways To Alleviate Their Suffering | 9/26/2019

There are several methods and treatments available to those that suffered a form of hearing loss called Tinnitus during their military service...READ MORE

Hearing Loss is Now Recognized For The Debilitating Service Injury It Is | 9/17/2019

Military veterans may get help dealing with their hearing-related service injuries through the Veterans Administration and The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)...READ MORE

US Service Members Are Spreading The Word About The Faulty And Defective 3M Combat Army Earplug | 9/12/2019

Each time news hits the media of another service member that has filed a lawsuit against 3M other injured veterans are encouraged to follow suit...READ MORE

3M Vows to Fight Lawsuits Alleging The Faulty Design of the 3M Combat Army Earplug | 8/28/2019

Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed that claim 3M knowingly sold the US Army a defective combat protection device...READ MORE

Faulty 3M Earplugs Cost Thousands of Soldiers Their Hearing | 8/23/2019

Not only did the military send our soldiers out to battle with faulty hearing protection, but they also did not anticipate that the enemy would rely on improvised explosive devices as a primary weapon...READ MORE

The Army's Hearing May Be Improving Soon | 8/13/2019

Auditory Situational Awareness is being addressed by the military and a new electronic device could improve a soldier's hearing on the battlefield...READ MORE

CBS Interviewed Returning Servicemen As To The 3M Combat Army Earplug Experiences | 8/8/2019

In an eye-opening and heartfelt video, an investigative news team at CBS This Morning interviewed two seasoned combat veterans that had recently returned from Iraq...READ MORE

The Army's Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCPS) May Replace The Ineffective 3M Combat Army Earplug | 8/6/2019

The Army is testing a new form of an electronic hearing protective device designed to protect a soldier's hearing from loud noises and simultaneously enhance whispered verbal commands...READ MORE

Soldiers Should Be Checked For Hearing Loss | 8/1/2019

Virtually every military activity exposes soldiers to dangerous levels of noise that could result in hearing impairment...READ MORE

The 3M Combat Army Earplug Malfunctioned Causing Permanent Disability | 7/25/2019

Combat soldiers are returning from the wars abroad with severe hearing damage...READ MORE

3M Army Earplug Failure Can Cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | 7/18/2019

When a soldier's hearing protection fails they can lose their mind from the psychological stress of combat-related noises...READ MORE

Military Veterans May Be Unaware That They Have Hearing Loss | 7/11/2019

The time is now to file a lawsuit if you are experiencing hearing difficulty and are a veteran of the Gulf War...READ MORE

Today’s Enclosed Gun Battles Can Increase Hearing Injuries | 7/8/2019

Hearing loss comes in varying degrees and affects many returning service members...READ MORE

3M Army Earplug Lawsuits Are Moving Forward To Discovery in Multi-District Litigation | 6/27/2019

Service member's hearing loss and tinnitus claims could make it to court later in 2019 or early 2020...READ MORE

Service Members Continue To File Army Earplug Lawsuits | 6/24/2019

3M should be held accountable for failing to warn the military that their earplugs did not perform as advertised and cause hearing damage...READ MORE

3M Failed Soldiers By Selling Earplugs They Knew Were Defective To The Military | 6/20/2019

Soldiers died from being rendered deaf during combat...READ MORE

Service Members Have Needlessly Lost Hearing Due to 3M's Fraud, Deceit, and Deception | 6/11/2019

Severe members are filing claims against the defense contractor for failing to warn them that their combat earplugs were defective...READ MORE

Hearing Loss Should Be Taken More Seriously | 6/4/2019

Of all of the ways we can hurt ourselves losing hearing is the most common and overlooked...READ MORE

Hearing Loss Has Many Serious Permanent Psychological Implications for Service Members | 5/28/2019

Thousands of US military personnel returned home from active duty combat in Iraq and Afghanistan with life-altering hearing loss...READ MORE

Soldiers With Hearing Damage Are Blaming Their Earplugs | 5/22/2019

Lawsuits are being filed in every state that hosts a military base, alleging that soldiers have experience hearing loss from their standard issue 3M Army Earplugs...READ MORE

Service Members Experience Hearing Loss From Defective Earplugs | 5/14/2019

Defective earplugs sold to the military by 3M put our soldier's lives at risk...READ MORE

Army Servicemen Are Filing Hearing Loss Claims Against Earplug Maker 3M | 5/9/2019

Here are a few examples of recent and typical lawsuits that have been filed against Army Earplug maker 3M...READ MORE

Hearing Loss From Defective Army Earplugs On The Frontlines and The Practice Range | 5/1/2019

Soldiers are coming forward and suing 3M for failing to warn them that the earplugs they were issued were defective...READ MORE

Hearing Loss Can Be A Deadly Battlefield Injury | 4/26/2019

Thousands of US service members may have lost not only their hearing but also their lives due to the defective 3M Army Earplug...READ MORE

Servicemen Describe Hearing Loss Caused By The 3M Army Earplug | 4/22/2019

More than 2.7 million US soldiers are receiving benefits for combat-related hearing loss due to the defective 3M Army Earplug...READ MORE

The False Claims Act website helps whistleblower anonymously come forward easily and without fear of reprisals by their superiors | 4/15/2019

The 3M Army earplug scandal is far from over and is just the latest in the history of companies that try to scam the US government...READ MORE

Hundreds Of Army Earplug Lawsuits Consolidated in Federal Court | 4/9/2019

Over 600 service members, and maybe thousands more, are joining together to present their claims to a Northern Florida Court...READ MORE

Soldiers Are Filing Claims Against 3M Army Earplugs | 4/8/2019

Servicemembers that are suffering from tinnitus should contact the base they were assigned to and perhaps file a claim for additional compensation...READ MORE

Army Veterans Have Suffered Hearing Loss From Defective Earplugs | 4/5/2019

Hearing loss from the extreme decibel levels a soldier experiences every day can be traced to faulty earplugs...READ MORE

Whistleblower Reports Defective 3M Army Earplugs | 4/2/2019

The False Claims Act encourages government employees to spot and report wasteful government spending and defective military safety devices...READ MORE

Service Member Suffer Tinnitus From Defective 3M Army Earplugs | 3/29/2019

Treating tinnitus with certain drugs and vitamins can help alleviate the condition's symptoms...READ MORE

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