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Army Earplug Attorney

The national 3M army earplug lawyers at OnderLaw have a distinguished track record of success in winning cases against major corporations and achieving justice on behalf of American families harmed by negligence and corporate greed. Our expert army hearing loss lawyers have helped clients navigate the aftereffects of major product recalls, winning significant on their behalf.

Aware of the grave nature of Combat Arms Earplug lawsuits for hearing loss, this national consumer safety litigation law firm has dedicated its significant resources to providing servicepeople, veterans, and their families with the best earplug defects lawyer representation available.

It is the belief that army earplug attorneys believe armed forces members who developed partial or full hearing loss while using 3M earplugs in combat may be eligible for real compensation for lost enjoyment of life, suffering, medical expenses, lost income and other damages suffered as a result of hearing loss by filing a claim against 3M. 3M dual-ended army earplugs put American servicepeople at risk for bilateral and unilateral hearing loss, a risk the company has been aware of since 2000.

Army Earplug Lawyers Seek Compensation on Veterans' Behalf

Army earplug lawyers believe that filing lawsuits nationwide is the only effective method to seek compensation for the harm resulting from 3M CAEv2 army earplugs. The manufacturer must be held accountable for a flagrant violation of law and the public trust, and for causing harm to those who give selflessly to their country. At the conclusion of the DOJ army earplug lawsuit against 3M, Frank Robey, the head of the Major Procurement Fraud Unit at the Army's Criminal Investigative Command, said in a statement:

"Today's settlement will ensure that those who do business with the government know that their actions will not go unnoticed. Properly made safety equipment, for use by our Soldiers, is vital to our military's readiness. Our agents will respond robustly to protect the safety of our military."

However, the $9.1 million 3M paid as a settlement for the DOJ earplug lawsuit is a drop in the bucket of its $30 billion in annual revenue. Our earplug defect lawyers are firmly resolved to obtain for clients the compensation they need and deserve, and to hold the manufacturer responsible for the widespread harm its deplorable actions have caused among members of the U.S. armed forces.

Our 3M earplug defect attorneys will provide a free case review to persons who developed partial or full hearing loss where serving for the U.S. military in some capacity since 2003. OnderLaw's 3M army earplug attorneys provide experienced legal representation without fee unless and until we collect on behalf of our clients.

No Fees Unless We Collect for You - Our 3M Earplug Attorneys Represent Clients on a Contingency Basis

We will represent all persons involved in a Combat Arms Earplug lawsuit on a contingency basis, meaning there are never any legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. Anyone who developed unilateral or bilateral hearing loss while serving in the military since the year 2003--or is a family member of such a person--is eligible to receive a free, no-obligation case review from our attorneys. Simply contact our firm through the online contact form or the chat feature and one of our army earplug defect lawyers will contact you promptly to discuss your case.